Simplifying estates
in ten easy steps
Help your clients to stop worrying about what needs to be said and done so they can start doing what they really want to do….. live their life to the full.

Dear Executor

If you are an estate practitioner who believes in going the extra mile for your clients, then read on!


Of course, you already understand the Will is the foundation of your clients’ estate planning needs. But that’s not where it begins and ends. Ask your client a few more open questions and it soon becomes apparent that the Will alone does not address many of the practicalities and complications that they are worrying about.


Dear Executoris a ten-step guide to your client’s estate which quickly and easily signposts the executor to all that matters… saving them time, money and needless worry. Once completed, your client can relax, knowing they have fully prepared the executor for the job that lies ahead.

Why this is for you

Written will

Will writers

An incredibly powerful way for you to increase your financial return on each client instruction as well as generating plenty of referrals. The ‘easy to use’ Dear Executor™ program works a treat from mobile and tablet devices if that’s how you do your business.



Estate practitioners will increase revenue per client and the chances of lay executors returning for probate assistance. Dear Executor™ identifies assets such as investment property and shares which can lead to valuable commercial work too.

Financial Advisers

You are already in a strong position of trust and detailed knowledge of your client’s finances. Dear Executor™ is simply an extension of the fact find. An added source of revenue for you with no ‘advice’ required.

Accountants in the UK


Dear Executor™ is a ‘must have’ for practitioners advising high net worth clients on succession planning or those who just want to provide an added value service to their regular clients.

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