About us

WHY Dear Executor was created

As a financial adviser dealing with, in the main, retired investors it started to become a concern to me how little preparation the vast majority of my clients had done toward organising their paperwork and affairs for when they should eventually pass. Sure, I would have plenty of useful factual information on file that would help but when an executor is thrust into the process of probate, their needs are often far greater than a copy of the will and a list of investments.


I canvassed the thoughts of some of my clients and without exception, they all had  concerns about what kind of problems they would be leaving behind but they really didn’t know what they could do about it.


Although these concerns are usually personal to their circumstances, it struck me that the solution is always the same. A properly organised and documented record of their estate, paperwork and end of life wishes.


Gary Quinn. Managing Director and founder of Dear Executor™